Things that Last

Don Whitney on family worship.

“Give your family years of faithful—if unspectacular—leadership in family worship, and you’ll agree it’s worth it all when someday, perhaps far from now, unexpectedly, you get a response like this….”

A great word on the value of sharing God’s word with your family from someone who lived it.  From a Crossway blog.

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2 thoughts on “Things that Last

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  1. Thanks for this sweet read….it reminds me of our many nights around the table, Bible, theology, Lewis, Tolkien, and on and on. Those are precious memories and life-shapers for sure. I only hope our family will do as well. XO

    1. Honey, yes, great, really the best, of times. Loved them then and love the memories today. Here’s to a new generation sharing God and God’s good things with the next. Cheers! Dad

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