My Father’s World

Reading the Creation account in Genesis 1 this morning, my mind was wandering into the realms of arguments against a "literal" reading of this much assailed text.  Conventional wisdom from the fields of the sciences hold that the Creation story can't be read as real history since it doesn't appear to allow for what we "know"... Continue Reading →

Justice Stumbling

I visited the Kansas Supreme Court building recently, a building I had a very small part in building back in 1977.   While John Jones and I worked outside this landmark to justice providing water proofing membrane under the exterior granite walkway, a sculptor was working inside the building providing a symbolic element, the statue Justice.    A... Continue Reading →

Starbucks Response to Open Letter

In the interest of full disclosure I'm posting the email response I received from Starbucks Corporate.  This was their response to the text of my Open Letter which I emailed to them, as well as having posted here.  Cheers, Mike ------------------------------------------------- Dear Mike, Thank you for contacting Starbucks. At Starbucks, we deeply respect the views... Continue Reading →

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