The CDC’s Toxic Lies

by the Applied Heart Contributors—

Regular readers of Applied Heart know that the contributors to this blog are committed to truth. Truth is the issue—and truth has been largely abandoned or forgotten over the last 2 years. Nowhere has this been more apparent than in government institutions tasked with protecting public health. The New York Times, of all publications, broke a story this week about the CDC’s withholding key data related to COVID-19 boosters, hospitalizations, and wastewater analyses. Many political conservatives have suspected the CDC was not being truthful and that power-hungry political leaders played a role in the CDC’s decisions or used flawed CDC guidance on masks, lockdowns, and vaccination to enforce tyrannical dictates. Evidence continues to emerge proving these suspicions correct.

It feels good to be vindicated, certainly. But tempering that feeling is the real cost of the CDC’s toxic lies … human lives ended, countless people lost their jobs, COVID spread to the most vulnerable unnecessarily … primarily because of the CDC’s malfeasance. We at Applied Heart do not typically publish posts that simply promote someone else’s article, but physician Gregg Schmedes’ recent piece in The Federalist deserves a wide reading. He explains one after another the untruths the CDC has sold to the American public and lays bare the untold harm and mistrust in medicine the CDC has sown by its actions. We urge you to read what Dr. Schmedes has to say for two reasons:

  1. You may find out something you believe about COVID-19 is actually a government lie.
  2. It’s sobering to see the effect on society when a people/government exchange truth for lies.

For your consideration.

Read the article by clicking the image above or clicking here.

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