Venus through my window…

“Venus through my window…”

That phrase runs through my mind as the eastern sky gains pale blue status and Venus shines star-bright through the waving pine boughs I see out my library window.  A crescent, waning moon like a gilded treasure hangs center on the invisible ecliptic.  These heavenly lights give an inner joy that is mine most evenings and mornings when I stand in quiet rapture gazing at the beauty of God on display in the black satin darkness and diamond brightness of the starry night sky.

I love the stars. I love the night sky. I love the bits of sharp light and the hazy lux of Orion’s sword.  I love red Betelgeuse and mighty Sirius, regal Regulus and soaring Altair. I love the Big Dipper when it’s pouring out the night sky or being filled up with it.  I love the stars.

I love the beauty of the moon in it’s many faces too, but confess the brightness of the moon at it’s full is often too much for my appreciation compared to the multitude of lesser lights.  The moon may rule the night (Genesis 1) but those lesser lights declaring signs and seasons, being more constant in their slow movements through the seasons, are my perennial favorites.

I think I prefer people that way too.  Those who shine brightly like the moon tend to attract a great host of admirers making it difficult to gain their attention and fellowship.  And one large, glowing orb may obliterate lesser lights around it, who but for the bright moon’s presence would be appreciated for their unique blue or red or yellow luster, or the significance of their place in a larger constellation.

Mere stars seem friendlier to me, more comfortable and approachable.  I can sit down w/ them- friends who are glad I’m there, not requiring anything of me really- just my presence, my fellowship.  The moon in its brightness can seem to demand too much at times; I may not be able to rise to its bright demands.

Oh God!  Thank you for lesser lights in the heavens and all around me.  Thank you for the multitude of light bearers, each displaying some facet of your goodness and glory.  May we aspire to shine in the degree and color and luminosity you give, being our true selves and not aspiring to that which we are not.  Thank you for the beauty around us that reminds us of your good will.  Thank you that you are beautiful and that which you create is beautiful.  That includes us your children, greater or lesser lights, each having the beauty that comes from you alone.

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