How Big is Your God?

How big is your God? Or, at least, how big is your idea of God? The universe is big, really big, by any measure. says the universe is around 92 billion light years big; that’s an extrapolation from assuming we can see 13.8 billion light years distance in any direction, and that during the... Continue Reading →

Guts and Glory

Confession: I'm not a fan of all things Southern, as in the Southern states in these United States.  Southern heat and humidity; cuisine preferences that include grits, okra, and collard greens; and overweight, middle-aged men with word pronunciations that sound uneducated to these Midwestern ears— these are some of my less than desirable stereotypes of the... Continue Reading →

Venus through my window…

"Venus through my window…" That phrase runs through my mind as the eastern sky gains pale blue status and Venus shines star-bright through the waving pine boughs I see out my library window.  A crescent, waning moon like a gilded treasure hangs center on the invisible ecliptic.  These heavenly lights give an inner joy that... Continue Reading →

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