Pursuing Knowledge Together

by Lee Anderson, Jr. — Why are you reading this? If you are like most readers, you clicked on this entry because the topic interested you. You wanted to know more about the subject. In fact, with the exception of the reading we do purely for pleasure (typically of fictional works), essentially every occasion we... Continue Reading →

Cool Heads in Crisis

by Mike Halpin — Tom Clancy imagined history before it happened. This prodigious writer of fiction had a knack for sewing together elements of technology, animus between nation states, and the dark schemes of terrorists into seamless and compelling works of fiction. His 1994 book Debt of Honor laid out a Japanese plot to take... Continue Reading →

Eating Honey

The production of honey has to be one of the coolest and most mind boggling processes on the planet.  Consider these facts: A colony of up to 100,000 bees will visit over 2,000,000 flowers in 12 square miles and fly the equivalence of the earth’s circumference twice to produce one pound of honey. A single... Continue Reading →

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