Pass It On, 2.

Mom was a a party girl.  Not a loose, bamboozling trollop but a really fun-loving person. She was weighed down much of her adult life with the labors attendant on raising a brood of eleven children but for all the challenges those demands placed on her her love of life remained. Mom was an English... Continue Reading →

I Get to— Living our Dreams

Ryan Adams, the alternative rock/alternative country, singer-songwriter interviewed on a recent Austin City Limits and spoke about his busy schedule following the release of a CD. He was lamenting the demands on his day to a friend, telling her: I’ve got to get up and do three interviews today, I have to go do a... Continue Reading →

Hearts of Wisdom

Old friends buried their son a week ago today— at twenty-two-years-old, his death in a gun accident was unlooked for— a painful understatement.  Words like tragic, awful, and heart-wrenching come to mind but fall short of the abrupt end-of-life-as-we-know-it reality.  We fall headlong off the cliff of unlooked for disasters.   The death of the... Continue Reading →

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