Taking out the Trash

Looking out the window of one of my favorite coffee shops  (Panera’s), a petite young employee, company baseball cap sitting low over her pigtails, is wrestling large bags of trash.  The bags are almost half her size and she’s attempting to raise them high enough to drop them into the large trash container in the... Continue Reading →

Eating Honey

The production of honey has to be one of the coolest and most mind boggling processes on the planet.  Consider these facts: A colony of up to 100,000 bees will visit over 2,000,000 flowers in 12 square miles and fly the equivalence of the earth’s circumference twice to produce one pound of honey. A single... Continue Reading →

Toasting in Babylon

It must have been quite a party— the surroundings were opulent, the guests represented the cream of society, the food was the best the world had to offer, and the wine!  The wine was an elixir; its intoxicating influence gave those who imbibed an enlarged sense of themselves and their own importance.  No wonder the... Continue Reading →

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